Thursday, August 9, 2012

Avengers at NYCC 2011

I waited in in the IGN hall all day for the avengers panel. Sure there were great panels all day worth seeing, but it was the Avengers panel that promised the most bang for my buck. And it didn't disappoint. The panel was packed with the film's stars - Chris "Captain America" Evans, Mark "The Hulk" Ruffalo, Tom "Loki" Hiddleston, Cobie "Maria Hill" Smulders and and fan favorite Clark "Agent Coulson" Gregg. The actors were excited and full of energy and enthusiasm, proving that once again comiccons are the one place where famous actors and fans can geek out together as fans. Having ruffle there was a bit of a surprise for fans and we are as happy to see him as he was to be there. Perhaps the best thing about Ruffalo being there was we got a sneak peak of some footage of Ruffalo as Banner and the Hulk. As Banner he captures the lowliness and isolation of Banner.. as the Hulk .. well.. you'll just have to see the movie.. Although I would to have liked to have see Joss Whedon (he was busy editing the film) and Scarlett Johansson there, the playful banter and genuine good time that the actors and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige were having more than made up for it. This panel was a dream come true for fans. - Brad Filicky

NYCC 2011


-Jenny Joy

NYCC 2011

You’ve outdone yourself again NYCC!
With a huge turn out of vendors and comic fans alike I think it’s only fair to say the SDCC has some competition this year!

One of the many highlights included the Bevis and Butthead panel :
Mike Judge and guest Luke Wilson, set up the stage for the long awaited return of the popular 90’s Mtv show (liquid television) that came with the promise of laughs using current events. Jokes included jersey shore and teen mom in only a way that the real Bevis and Butthead could expose. Very funny! Upon entry we all received a free t-shirt retailed online at 35$ and fan masks.
One question during the Q&A mentioned Daria and Mike Judge let us know that he was considering bringing the mopey teen back but wasn’t sure if she held an audience, by the crowds reaction he agreed that there was indeed a positive cheer for her return as well.
 When asked about Luke Wilsons involvement with Idiocracy, Mike stated that he was considering a few ideas on making it a live action series.

Another high point was the Walking Dead Panel, moderated by Chris Hardwick
Panel guests included: Robert Kirkman, Gale Ann Hurd, Greg Nicotero, Chandler Riggs, Jon Berenthal, Steven Yuen, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan, and Lori Holden
This empire has taken off from the expertly written comic into one of AMC’s Top hit shows. The panel was informative but of course did not give away too many secrets.
However, we do find out that they are going to the farm, and that young Carl who may seem shy now has some bad boy actions coming up in his future episodes.
Kirkman, who writes the comic, Told the audience how it’s exciting and very different to write for the AMC’s series because in the comic for example:
 “Shane in the comic is dead, on the show he is not.”
 “So it’s been fun to re-tell the stories.
Also Mediator Chris Hardwick plugged his show the Talking Dead.
 Chris, as a personal fan of the show meets with guests to discuss the episodes and theories.
Overall gives high promise to a great season with chills and thrills!

Shut up little man: An Audio misadventure
 Was to say the least hilarious!
The film went on a bit too long but it’s best moments are enough to make this one to remember.  This panel did not have a large turnout, however, everyone inside instantly found lucky to have some elbow- room during a viewing of this outrageous story.
Shut up little man is the story of two friends who live across from these men who get very drunk and very loud and go at each other in vicious ways.  They find themselves up all night hearing this and get the crazed idea to record them. From the moment “shut up little man, went from being a funny idea and years of stored recordings turned into making a master tape and giving freedom to all to use it to make something incredible.
The Outcome is non-stop creative and daring also disturbing and dark.