Tuesday, March 24, 2009



An Op-Ed Piece by Mr. Bradley Filicky

Okay, I know the film has been out for 3 weeks now, and I've posted about it a lot. But one thing I haven't done is expressed my opinion, so here goes. Watchmen has been one of my favorite stories of all time from the first time I read it when it first came out in 85. I was 11 and I was a little different after I had read it. It changed something inside me. it was dark, dense, complex and HEAVY. This is anything but light reading. It was like a rite of passage. So i could not approach the film version with anything but a fanboy's devotion, anticipation and worry. The chance of the movie failing were huge. Well now that I've seen it i have to say it was the best possible adaption that could exist on film. The only way to have done this better is to do a 1 season cable television series. Zack Snyder packed all the density and detail of the graphic novel. I only wish more of Rorschach's journal entries could have been included. Zack Snyder had what is necessary for making a great comic book movie. Love for the source material. The acting was overall good and I can deal with the somewhat shoddy make up jobs. I know this film has been getting mixed reviews, but come on fans.. Do you realize how much worse this could have been? Having said that there are 4 quibbles that I feel are legitimate.

1) The ending - So who cares that there wasn't a squid monster. It wouldn't have worked on film and you know it. But the thing that got to me was Jon being forced to leave rather than choosing it. In the novel there was a quiet dignity to Jon's smile as he teleported off to distant galaxies. On the other hand having a "god" people KNOW is watching gives Adrian's peace a little more staying ability. And the cultural impact would be fun to explore.

2) The music - Yes I know we've heard these songs used again and again. But know when I hear them I think of Watchmen. That's saying something.

3) The sex scene - Cheesy, yes.. But guys you get to see Malin Akerman's tits so please stop your bitchin'!

4) People who weren't familiar with the book find it a bit hard to follow and long winded. Well this says more about the source material then anything else. Time has separated form a cold war fear of nuclear annihilation, so the sense of dread the novel had is a bit diluted. If this film gets one person to read the book it has been worth it. And I think it has achieved that many times over.

So, to sum up, Watchmen will probably be my number 1 film of 2009.

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