Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jim Jarmusch Plugs Rhino Records in New Paltz!

This is just the coolest...

Here's an excerpt from an interview with Jim Jarmusch on GreenCine Daily about his upcoming film The Limits of Control, where he plugs my favorite record store, Rhino Records, in New Paltz and its fearless proprietor, Rick Lange, who I have known since I was 16. Kudos Jim! Hey Rick, you better stock up on those Del-Byzanteens records!

Check out the whole interview here, but please enjoy this excerpt with said plug below.

I stay abreast of new music by geeking out on music blogs, but how do you find all this cool music? Do you still go to a lot of record stores, or do friends keep you tuned in to new artists?

I'm not a Web guy because I don't have a computer, although I often ask people to look stuff up for me. I don't know, it's sort of a general antenna because I love music. You know, there are music stores that in the past I depended on a lot, like Final Vinyl, that used to be great to order things anywhere in the world that were in print, or what's his name, that little shop on Bowery just south of 8th street. Damn, I love that guy. He's always been really cool. There's Other Music, and in New Paltz, there's Rhino Records that is really run unlike any kind of Rhino chain—the guy there, Rick, is amazing. Those record stores are important, but they've been less so for me recently, maybe because I haven't stopped in very much. I always read the British music press, and I try to listen to what underground radio exists, or college-type radio. I'm just always scanning, and I've always been that way, like, music, music, music. I love to get playlists off of [Jersey City's] WFMU or WVKR in Poughkeepsie—Vassar has a good radio station. WFUV has a good morning show in New York, and there's some underground hip-hop shows on WKCR, the Columbia station. There's the beautiful Sunday morning country shows that I listen to, classic country.

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