Saturday, January 30, 2010

An honorable mention

Precious would probably be tied with my number 10 movie of 2009. I've mentioned to people who have both seen the film and read the book that I like the film better. Most look at me like I have two heads. The main difference between the two is that the book gives you an internal view of Precious' life while the film puts the audience in the role of the outsider looking in on a tragic yet hopeful life. I found the outsiders view much more touching and heartbreaking. No matter how much the viewer wants to help her, there is no way in. We watch helplessly as Precious deals with hardships we could never imagine, and are that much more uplifted when she manages to eek out a victory from the mouth of defeat. Precious is about overcoming adversity, those placed on us by society and by those who should love us the most. Deep down we'd all like to think we can deal with the worst that life has to throw us and seeing Precious do it gives us a thrill. Precious is by no means an easy film to watch, but through the bleakness there is one thing that shines. Hope. And that is why it such a triumph.

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