Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'll be the first to admit that as a straight 30-something male I might not be the audience for a book like Unlovable, yet I can't help but be moved by the misadventures of Tammy Pierce. I may not understand, but I can accept, that being a teenage girl is rough stuff and Unlovable brings all the trials and tribulations of the American teen into a horrifying yet funny light. Unlovable is a graphic novel translation of a diary found in a rest stop bathroom in 1995. The action described happened in the 80s. As much of a time capsule as it is, this book is universal. No matter what decade we went through our teens in we've all felt like Tammy at some point.. Unlovable. Funny, tragic, hopeful, depressing and everything in between, This is a book that will help us all realize that being a teenager was traumatizing, but not all that bad.
- Brad Filicky

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