Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. GURU 1966-2010

Today the hip-hop world mourns the passing of one of the true masters of the art of rapping: Keith "Guru" Elam, who lost his brave and valiant battle with cancer and heart problems yesterday at the age of 43, according to a report on Billboard.com.

Sadly, Guru takes his recent beef with his old partner and DJ in the groundbreaking hip-hop duo Gang Starr, DJ Premier, to the grave according to this post on Primo's blog. Much respect to Premier for rising above the malicious words in the death letter allegedly written by his fallen comrade (if you read the comments below, many fans believe the letter was fully conspired by Guru's friend, producer and primary caregiver at the time of his passing, Solar) by penning a very respectful and touching tribute to his old friend.

Rest in Peace, Guru. Thanks for all the great music over the years. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal FOREVER. -Ed.

"Mass Appeal"

"Code of the Streets"


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