Wednesday, January 19, 2011

what i thought of the green hornet

if anything green hornet was a mixed bag. the best way to comment on it is to do a simple pro and con list..

what worked:

michel gondry's direction style - as a fan of michel's directing style i was pleased to see that his quirky style translates into a more straight forward narrative and mainstream action film. he even managed to use techniques from his music videos to pretty good effect.

Christoph Waltz - once again a fun villain performance form unglorious basterds star Waltz. i've always said that a superhero movie is only as strong as it's villain. and christoph was both funny and sinister as chudnofsky.

the black beauty - yeah i'm a sucker for the green hornet's car.. as the center for most of the action the car held its own and almost became a character.

what didn't work.

seth rogan - normally i like him and green hornet is an old enough character that most geeks won't have a problem with a complete reimagining of the character, what bothered me though is he was a little too eager in this one. i liked his enthusiasm for the project and i know he was looking for this to make him an even bigger star than he already is, but his performance came across to me as hyperactive slightly annoying.

the script - not to rag on seth rogan more than i have to, but he co-wrote the script and i found the dialogue a bit dated and tired.

the 3D - this is really more of a question of technology than poor movie making. the new 3D technology is just not as good for live action films as it is for animated ones. i found it unnecessary and at times distracting. It didn't really add to my experience at all and i feel that in a few years time the 3d effects will not hold up.

I give it a 6 out of 10.

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