Friday, March 4, 2011

Just watched the Nirvana Live at Reading DVD

Nirvana - Live at Reading

Nirvana's gig at 1992's Reading Festival is legendary. Seeing this full setlist DVD is seeing a band at their creative peak and the height of the first leg of their career. Watching Kurt Cobain's antics on stage as well as the ferocity of Dave and Krist's playing it is obvious the band was still having FUN. The success was there, but the pressure hadn't reached a fever pitch. Even though at the time of this concert Kurt and Courtney were under assault by the media, he manages to have a good time. It feels very much of an us (the band and their fans) vs the world than the world vs Kurt Cobain. And that makes all the difference. What makes this dvd so electrifying is that this is the man before he was dragged kicking and screaming to become the Voice Of A Generation. It exemplifies all the right reasons why the world fell in love with the band to begin with. Watch and feel nostalgic for what could have been.

- brad filicky

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