Thursday, July 7, 2011


James Chance and the Contortions. DNA. Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Glenn Branca. MX-80. ESG. Suicide. All great bands of the No-Wave movement of New York City during the first four years that the esteemed Ed Koch held the mayoral office.

But who was the alternative to all of those acts? The answer: The Social Climbers, a trio consisting of Jean Seton Shaw (bass, vocals), A. Leroy (farfisa organ, korg machine) and Mark Bingham (guitar, vocals) whose unique style of hockey rink dub-funk-punk ruled the periphery of the periphery alongside the likes of such other forgotten figures of the era as Jean-Michel Basquiat's Gray and MX-80 Sound.

But on September 20th, the Social Climbers will finally get their long overdue day in the modern sun when Drag City reissues their sole LP, originally issued on Hoboken Records and consisting of the sum of a trio of shitty 7-inch flexi-discs privately pressed by the band themselves plus two bonus tracks exclusive to this particular edition.

This album is the core definition of DIYwith a sound that helped put bands like Tortoise and Stereolab on the map, and if you have any kind of taste you should go right to the Drag City website and preorder this mug straightaway.

  1. Domestic 2:47

  2. Chicken 80 3:59

  3. Western World 5:04

  4. Chris & Debbie 6:59

  5. Palm Springs 4:05

  6. That's Why 2:44

  7. Ernie K 3:09

  8. Hello Texas 2:57

  9. Taipei 5:01

  10. Tickhead (live) (CD-only) 2:09

  11. The Day The Earth Stood Still (CD-only) 3:44

"Chicken 80"

"Palm Springs"

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