Friday, August 5, 2011


While the world is preparing the unveiling of the documentary celebrating the 20th anniversary of the mighty Pearl Jam, another great Seattle band who doesn't quite get their fair share of accolades these days is also celebrating a milestone in the creative timeline as well. That being Queensryche, who came together in 1981 with a shared love for Pink Floyd and Judas Priest and created one of the most distinct sounds to grace heavy metal in the Reagan era and are now on tour in commemoration of their 30th anniversary as well as in support of their new album, Dedicated to Chaos, easily their best work since Empire.

IRT was on hand for their fourth stop on the six-month long trek at the Mayo Center's Community Theatre in Morristown, NJ, where the group dug deep into their extensive catalog to span the entirety of their career. And while our cut-off was 1993's Promised Land album, leaving us scratching our heads a bit for about half the show over what song was from 1997's Hear in the Now Frontier and what was from 2009's American Soldier, it was the moments when they broke out the gold, such as "The Lady Wore Black" from the first EP, a killer version of "Screaming in Digital" off Rage for Order and a transcendent performance of "Eyes of A Stranger" off their 1988 concept masterpiece Operation: Mindcrime that made the evening a special one.

01 Get Started
02 Damaged
03 I Don't Believe in Love
04 Hit the Black
05 The Hands
06 A Dead Man's Words
07 At 30,000 Feet
08 Rhythm of Hope
09 Real World
10 NM 156
11 Screaming in Digital
12 The Lady Wore Black
13 Walk in the Shadows
14 The Right Side of My Mind
15 Around the World
16 Silent Lucidity
17 Jet City Woman
18 Empire
19 Eyes of a Stranger / Anarchy X-tra

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