Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, I May Have Missed Pavement's Brooklyn Show...

...but at least I can live with the knowledge I got to see them five times over the course of the 1990s: Roseland in '94 with the classic lineup of Guided By Voices, The Academy in '95 and then again at Lollapalooza that summer, Roseland again in 1997 and the Irving Plaza in '99.

And, thanks to my man Dan at NYC Taper, I can at least listen to this amazing show on the Brooklyn Waterfront thanks to a beautiful audience capture from Taper contributor AcidJack. But it doesn't come close to being there.

Here's hoping they come back around...


Set List:

Cut Your Hair
Date With IKEA
Rattled By The Rush
Elevate Me Later
Shady Lane
Fight This Generation
Silence Kid
Box Elder
Stop Breathing
Two States
Father To A Sister of Thought
Heckler Spray
In The Mouth A Desert
We Dance
Summer Babe
No More Absolutes (Fin)

Spit on a Stranger
Trigger Cut
Starlings in the Slipstream
Gold Soundz
Kennel District
Range Life

Short fan clip of Pavement performing "We Dance" 9/19/10 at the Brooklyn Waterfront:

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