Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Juan MacLean
The Future Will Come
(DFA; April 14th )

“The future will come, I’ve had a vision,” Juan MacLean’s robotic voice firmly sings on the title track.

Well, the future is now! The Future Will Come, The Juan MacLean’s highly anticipated sophomore album will be released April 14th on DFA Records. Unabashedly emotional, both in lyrically and musically, it’s difficult not to let each song take over your head and body, turning you into the dancing, breathing robot Juan MacLean and Nancy Whang (of LCD Soundsystem) sing about.

With the help of DFA label mates Gerry Fuchs (of !!!), Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel (both of Holy Ghost!), and, of course, Nancy, Juan was able to put together album full of surprises. Book ended with the two club hits that set the stage for the release of The Future Will Come.

Opener “The Simple Life”, released to the masses last year, is dark and hypnotic, setting the stage for mad-scientist Juan to work on you. It’s book ended by “Happy House”, the Chicago House-heavy, International club anthem that Pitchfork named as it’s #20 track of 2008. The huge success of “Happy House” getting everyone moving in the packed dance halls in Paris, London, New York and Barcelona. Also look out for a video of “One Day”, which The Juan MacLean just wrapped.

What can the Future bring for you?

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