Thursday, January 19, 2012

brad's top 5 villains

let's face it, any action, superhero, sci fi, etc movie is only as good at its villains. If your protagonist isn't charismatic or threading enough the story will not click. The real trick to a good villain though, is getting your audience to like them.. just a little. these are 5 of the villains i love to hate.

5) Hans Gruber from Die Hard

Ruthless, charming funny and whip smart, alan rickman's Hnas Gruber in the first Die Hard movie is everything most james bond villains want to be but aren't. his punchy one liners and sense of aggravation are what i really dig. I still love it when he says "you asked for a miracle, i give you the F.B.I"

4) Boba Fett from Star Wars

Boba may have gone out like punk, but their was something mysterious and creepy about him that drew me and thousands of other fans to the character. his mercenary ways were the perfect foil to han solo's smuggler and he seemed more of a rebel than Darth Vader... Simply put he was cool and looked cool doing it.

3) Herr Starr from the Preacher comic

it's hard not to feel a little sorry for our german friend after seeing what he goes through over the course of the series, but all that he endures never distracts his resolve. You kind of root for him after a while. it's one of the reasons why i love Preacher so much. The bad guys are the underdogs.

2) The Governor from the Walking Dead comic

The governor is a character of such evil and viscousness you can't help to want to see what he will do next. When this character finally makes it to the tv show, it has the potential to change tv. it could be that iconic of a performance. Experiencing a character like this is fun in fiction, if you met one in real life you'd' be absolutely terrified.

1) The Joker from Dark Knight

I have always loved Jack Nicholson's Joker, but it was Heath Ledger that truly owns the character now. It is a shame we only had one movie with him as the joker. I would love to have seen where he went next. heath really tapped into something primal in the human psyche. There is part of us that wishes we could be just as brazen and chaotic. we can live vicariously here and none gets hurt. one of the saddest lines in film is when the joker says to batman "you and I are going to be doing this forever" because we will never get see what might have been.

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