Monday, January 9, 2012

what i'd like to see (it's hard not to be cynical)

as polarized as america has become politically, there is one thing those from both side of the isle can agree on. It's hard not to be cynical. Liberals are are disillusioned with obama, and conservatives are still trying to come to grips with bush's excessive spending and the crumbling of the economy under a system they have to defend. As we enter another election year you will hear time and time again from both sides how important this election is. every election for the past 20 years has been billed as "the most important EVER!!!!", and that is true to, a point, because every election has the potential to effect the future. But the time has come to not rely on politicians or the free market to save us. Instead we need to dig with in ourselves to return to common sense. This is what i'd like to see from both parties.


1) Unite - stop bickering over little things and see the big picture. In the war over public opinion numbers count and you can accomplish more as a united front then you can as segmented groups.

2) Lay off Obama (just a little) - He's not perfect by any means, but you have to respect the mess he inherited. how anyone would want to com into such a mess is beyond me and i respect him for taking up the job. the anger you direct at obama would be better served aimed at the power structure that keeps his hands tied.

3) Grow some balls already! - when will the democrats realize they could win the battle for the hearts and minds of America if they fought harder and took more risks? America doesn't like weak politicians, so throw down and kick up some dust.


1) Stop appealing to the lesser angels of your base - it's time to take a hard look in the mirror and accept that trying to win over racists, bigots and religious zealots does a disservice to the well meaning, more moderate joe six packs out there who actually do have their hearts in the right place. Guys, get rid of the wackos. You know it's time.

2) Stop coddling the rich - it's not punishing the achievers to ask the rich (both individuals and corporations) to pay their fair share. when the top 1% of the country has so much wealth it is not class warfare to ask them to pay a little more. it is a moral imperative. Middle class republicans please put your horatio alger books back on the shelf. the sad truth is most of you will never be rich

3) Stop acting like ignorance is a virtue - Do you honestly think that denying science does any of us any good? religion and science can go hand to hand. To argue that little tidbit shows a pathetic lack of foresight that is deeply frightening. And demonizing intellectuals moves us backward not forward. to compete in the modern, ever-changing world you better make nice with scientific advancement and technology, or we really will be a third world country and the free market of ideas you all praise will be a thing of the past.

- Brad Filicky

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Salem said...

Excellent ... I think both sides have a lot to learn.