Friday, September 19, 2008


Kevin Ayers Releases "Crystal Clear"/ Exclusive New Tune From "What More Can I Say" LP Exclusive Early 1970's Private Sketches & Demos Out November 4th on Reel Recordings

Manager Tim Shepard: "This is Kevin's Holy Grail!"

A delectably triumphant treasure trove of previously unreleased performances, carefully remastered from Kevin's private reel-to-reel tapes. Featuring performances from friends such as bassists Mike Oldfield and Archie Legget, organist David Bedford, and legendary drummer Robert Wyatt, What More Can I Say is a one-of-a-kind personal collection that welcomes the who, what, where, when and why inquiries about its rarities.

Internationally celebrated founder of Britain's most important sixties psychedelic rock band, The Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers went on to compose and sing a string of strikingly magnificent songs across a series of classic albums throughout the seventies. Standing the test of time, reissues of Kevin records have garnered universal praise and found new fans in the 21st century. Recently, Kevin's return to recording was the critically acclaimed Unfairground which Mojo described as "gorgeous" and "one of the top albums of 2007"

Imagine the surprise when a cache of tapes, abandoned at poetess Lady June's London apartment in the mid-seventies, were found in storage with former flat mate (and master guitarist) Gerry Fitz-Gerald! Reel Recordings was granted the honor of caring for the reels and assembling a program on behalf of Kevin Ayers, and accomplished this with a stirring of love for the great man and the music found from his long forgotten private demos and studio outtakes.

This CD presents Kevin Ayers captured in warm intimacy with acoustic guitar and voice seldom sounding finer. For fans and newcomers alike, such a musical tonic is reason to raise a glass and rejoice. Rare Ayers indeed! What more can we say?

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