Friday, September 5, 2008

Wooden Wand Disses Pitchfork

Below is a post from James Jackson Toth, the artist formerly known as Wooden Wand, on his MySpace blog re: that wack-ass 4.1 review of Toth's auspicious Rykodisc label debut, Waiting In Vain, and his first release under his own name. We at IRT love our former cover star's latest album, and totally hear his lament loud and clear. -Ed.

From Toth's MySpace Blog:

Thanks Pitchfork!

Hey Pitchfork! Thanks for the awesome review! 4.1! That's out of four, right? No? Oh well, better 4 than 1, 2 or 3! Err...right?

Just a few things I should clear up, for future reference. Just a *few* little factual errors. No sweat.

1. I already opened for Bright Eyes -about three years ago. It was a good time.

2. Lee Ranaldo does not play on this record.

3. The lyric you quote from "The Dome" is "in the telephone zone" not "in the television zone." I see how you could have missed it, the line only appears in the song eight times. I know you guys are pretty busy and all poring over the minutiae of the latest reverb-soaked pop masterpiece, so no biggie.

4. No one really say 'alt country' anymore, dude.
Anyway, despite these minor oversights, thanks so much again! I'm currently working on an eclectic little jumble of a record I know you're going to enjoy. Imagine a more 'yallternative,' animal mask-clad Haircut 100 playing Hanoi Rocks when they were "good" - but with BEATS! My friend has a Dr. Rhythm and everything.



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